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a film by Wang Ping-Wen and Peng Tzu-Hui
A Journey in Spring by Wang Ping-Wen and Peng Tzu-Hui

2023, 90 minutes, Taiwan, 1.66, Color, 5.1 Sound, in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles

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A Journey in Spring by Wang Ping-Wen and Peng Tzu-Hui

A Journey in Spring by Wang Ping-Wen and Peng Tzu-Hui


An old man with a limp, Khim-Hok, has depended on his wife over the years. They live in an old house together. After his wife suddenly passes away, Khim-Hok puts her into an old freezer and goes on living a seemingly peaceful life.

A Journey in Spring by Wang Ping-Wen and Peng Tzu-Hui

About the Director:

PENG Tzu-Hui

PENG Tzu-Hui (Taichung, Taiwan, 1989), artist and filmmaker graduated from the Department of Fine Arts National Taiwan University of Arts, she began pursuing for master’s degree in Artistic Production, University Polytechnic Valencia in 2014. Her work spans painting, ceramics, and film. She has shown exhibitions in Europe and Taiwan, including Independent Land (2012), On the Verge (2019) and Transformation of the Universe (2023), as well as the video art piece A Creation Project (2012).

WANG Ping-Wen

WANG Ping-Wen (Taipei, Taiwan, 1987) studied Journalism at Chengchi National University and graduated with an MFA in Film and Television Production from Loyola Marymount University. She has directed the short films Between Us (2014), Labyrinth (2016) and Military Dog (2019). She is an alumnus of the Produire au Sud Taipei Workshop 2018 and Talent Tokyo 2019.



  • Silver Shell Award for Best Director at the 71st San Sebastian Film Festival (2023)
  • Silver Screen Award for Best Performance (YANG, Kuei-Mei) & Best Screenplay at the 34th Singapore International Film Festival (2023)
  • Women Make Film festival
  • Osaka Asian Film Festival
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, Competition
  • New Directors/New Films Festival
  • Taiwanese Film Exhibition Barcelona 2024
  • JEONJU International Film Festival
  • Seattle International Film Festival, New Director Competition
  • Taiwanese Culture Center in Tokyo
  • Macao Cinematheque Passion



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"It is a study on finitude that flirts with transcendence, in a serene poetic vein."
Rodrigo Fonesca

"This is an auspicious piece of slow cinema (incidentally, the Asian king of slow cinema and iconic LBGT+ filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang also stems from Taiwan)."
- Victor Fraga, DMovies

"It is a heartbreaking family drama that takes you on an emotional roller coaster through the challenges of loving people for who they are and the pain of losing a loved one"
- Niikhiil Akhiil, High On Films

San Sebastian International Film Festival

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2023


Wang Ping-Wen
Peng Tzu-Hui


Jieh-Wen Kin
Kuei-Mei Yang
Joe Shu-Wei Chang


Wang Ping-Wen
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